Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's dusty. it's messy

wohoo. hello everybody. seriously it's been ages since I wrote my last post here. well, life is getting pretty hectic recently and yeah, I've been busy with updating my blog, I mean another blog. A leisure one. see, that's life. you really need to know how to manage yourself. divide equally. do you get what I'm trying to say here? yeah. good. You finally got it, aren't you. It's like this. academically, this is the blog that I use to share all or at least a portion of my knowledge based on what I've learned and the other blog is used to entirely pour my emotion may it be sweet, sorrow or anything else. That's how I divide life. haha. I'm talking craps here. anyways, let's get back to business or BUSY-ness. Since I'll be having my finals soon, I'm not really certain if I can post anything related to academic in this blog yet. God willing if I have an ample time, I'll do so. I've noticed something. I once posted on my another blog on how I was so pissed off for not being able to find a reference book for this one poem named A Fighters' Line by Marzuki Ali that I really needed to use for my assignment back in Semester 1 (I am now in Semester 3 going to Semester 4). Recently, I realized ( by viewing through my traffic sidebar on that blog) that many of the viewers were actually looking for it too. since I have done my analysis on that poem, I would love to share it with all of you. But, yeah. it will be posted soon, not now. :) lastly, I would love to wish good luck to all of you who will be sitting for exams soon. :)

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