Saturday, January 9, 2010

peace be upon u..

This blog is created for me to share anything related to English learning as I know there are lots of people out there who need guidance in order to improve their English proficiency. Here U may gain basic knowledge from the fundamental knowledge like Grammar (tenses, prepositions etc.) to the higher level of English. I would like to invite those TESL students over the world to share your thoughts here too...for anyone matter what courses are u matter where u come from..u may voice out ur opinions too.. :)

p/s: I'm a learner I may make mistakes though.. PEACE!


  1. wow! semoga berjaya

    aku pon lomah english ni. dahla sem ni amek oral interaction skill. ngee

  2. insyaALLAH jiha..same2 kiter usaha k?

  3. ouh ya~ i always hv a problems related to grammar~

  4. tuuuuu dia!!!!!!
    power uh..mntang2 da dpt cari template BAEEEK PUNYA utk blog..
    insya allah beb... xD

  5. nedd..u pun sharela pape yg u blaja k?

    fie..nk share2 je..i pun bukan hebat..u pun join la eik?